Training and Mentoring


Peace Together Spaces is excited to announce that we now offer training. We currently will offer two types of training.

First, we offer training to new professional organizers. With our training you will receive:

  1. Training in our organizing system, Restore O.R.D.E.R™ with a one year licensure included
  2. Forms disk
  3. Hands-on experience
  4. Industry education
  5. 1 year of mentoring
  6. Small business basics
    1. Lessons learned
    2. Logo creation
    3. Business card design
    4. Facebook Fan Page design
  7. Insurance Connections


Second, we offer a group training to small businesses, networking groups, mom support groups, and many more. In this training your group will:

  1. Learn to organize any space using our simple system, Restore O.R.D.E.R™
  2. Perform a small hands-on project
  3. Goal setting

$150 for 3 hours; ask about our group discounts!



Are you new to the organizing & productivity industry? Peace Together Spaces will help you get started. Our owner, Christa Johanson, has a depth of experience as both an organizer and business owner. Christa has been extensively trained by Marla Dee of Clear & SIMPLE™ and continues her training with NAPO, Golden Circle and trains with the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.

We will give you a variety of business tips, take you to a client’s home for hands-on experience, and help you avoid many of the common beginner mistakes that we have already learned from ourselves!

Mentoring Rate:

$75/hour *

Hourly Hands-On Rate during mentoring:

$25/hour **

* Minimum of one full hour

** You will be paid as an independent contractor and will receive a 1099