The Why and How of Hiring an Organizer

Many people ask, “Why do I need to hire a professional organizer?” The answer is simple. Organizing is a talent. It is an ability some of us have naturally had since birth. Talents, however, can be learned.

One of my children has a strong desire to play the guitar like Taylor Swift, her idol. If my daughter puts in the time and effort to learn she will accomplish her goal.

Of course, I have no musical talent so I will need to hire someone to teach her. She could possibly pick up a guitar on her own and teach herself, but unless she is some kind of prodigy this could take years and be very frustrating.

The same can be said of organizing. Most of us have been working in our trade for many years and know how to teach you the same skills that have come naturally to us. We enjoy teaching you and any good organizer will want you to learn what you can so you need us less.

Another common question is regarding our prices. We often hear that we charge more than what is expected. As per the request of the federal government, we do not discuss our pricing within our industry. As with any industry you get what you pay for and that may be good or bad. Some veterans may charge the same as newbie organizers. We have no industry standard pricing and that is ok.

Instead of using pricing to determine who to hire, may I suggest a few other points to ponder. These will save you money and keep you from hiring someone new to fix the mistakes of the first one hired.

  • How long have they been organizing professionally?
    • If it has been less than a year, the next questions are of more importance.
  • Are they a member of NAPO?
  • If they are not a member of NAPO, do they subscribe to the ICD?
    • Both of the above have a Code of Ethics we follow and the opportunity to receive training or take specialized classes.
  • Have they received training (especially important if they are new)?
    • Training is incredibly important in our industry. There are many types of organizers. Training should be based on the type of job they like to do, such as, small business/office, seniors, move and relocation, hoarding, etc.
  • Do they have a degree that supports their organizing career in lieu of specific training?

The average organizer is typically not qualified to work with hoarders, ADD/ADHD clients or certain other chronically disorganized cases. Some newbie organizers may actually be therapists or studied in social work fields. If that is the case then they are more than likely qualified to help in these specialized areas. Otherwise an organizer can do more damage than good.

The best advice I can give you is to go with your gut and find someone that meshes well with your own personality.

I hope this helps you to make a more informed decision! Best of luck in all of your organizing endeavors!

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