“I highly recommend Christa as a Professional Organizer. Christa excels at bringing order into her clients space along with truly caring about their unique personality. This is a rare combination. She is an incredibly hard worker and is not intimidated by a challenge! Christa specializes in kitchens and home offices. She is Clear & SIMPLE Certified™ and has gone through an extensive training program to deepen her knowledge of her clients needs. She is an avid learner and creator.”

– Marla Dee, owner of Clear & SIMPLE™

“Christa has done my office organizing for about a year and has made my life feel so much more together. She has me set up so there is place for everything to go, so it’s easy for her to go to work when she comes and I don’t have to clean up and prepare before she gets here. Christa keeps me on track with my entire office and is also very fun and a joy to be around. I recommend her to a lot of my friends because I feel like she is reasonably priced and will totally take care of their needs.”

– Gayle L.

“Christa is AWESOME! I had been in temporary housing for 6 months. So when I finally got settled, things were a mess! It was so overwhelming I had no idea where to start, and we are just talking about my office. Christa came in a turned everything right side up. My office is completely organized with labeled files, receipts in order, and all supplies easily accounted for. It was such a great experience that I now keep her coming back to keep things in order and having if off my plate is worth every penny!

– Rebekah H.

“Christa helped me organize my basement, a task that seemed too daunting for me to tackle on my own. After procrastinating for a while, I decided that it needed to be done but didn’t know where to start. When Christa arrived, she was ready to plunge in and knew exactly what needed to be done first. For the two days we worked together she helped me stay focused, decide about what I needed to keep or let go of, and basically took the dirty work out of organizing (or at least made it fun and painless). My only regret was that I didn’t have her help sooner so I could have enjoyed my newly organized space for longer! I would definitely recommend Christa to anyone needing help getting organized!”

– KayLyn G.

Christa is a remarkable organizer. She is already started as she walks into the room. Everything is sorted before you know it. She has such a practical approach to everything. It is truly amazing. The thing I notice most about Christa’s style is that she has a passion and talent for figuring out the best approach for every job. She is never overwhelmed by a big job and makes it seem so much less painful than you would ever imagine. Her ideas are inovative and she is always thinking outside the box to come up with creative ways to get every job done. I would recommend Christa every time.”

- Beverly K.

“Just before we were expecting twins, I was attempting to clean out our basement that had been a dumping ground since we had moved into our house four years earlier. Needless to say I wasn’t getting anywhere. I kept getting sidetrack and just didn’t know where to start.

I was lucky enough to have Christa come and help me help me for two days for about three to four hours at a time. We accomplished more than I would have in a month by myself. I was grateful that despite how embarrassing it was for me, I felt no judgment from her. She is so upbeat, kind and phenomenal at bringing order to chaos. She kept me focused, organized and moving forward. She doesn’t hesitate to dig in and do much of the heavy lifting herself and even took my donations to the drop off herself.

She was a godsend at a very stressful time in my life and helped me feel more prepared for the birth of our babies. Having our things organized and structured has helped us keep it clean 18 months later, despite the shocking amount of baby gear, toys and clothing that comes in and out of our house.

Whatever chore you have been dreading, don’t hesitate. Get Christa in your home and you will be surprised how much easier it with her there.”

- Janae K.

“”I have had the pleasure of seeing Christa make a presentation about organization and simple steps all small business owners can take to improve their efficiency. She is a poised and polished speaker with incredibly valuable insights and experiences to share with an audience. We were all highly captivated by her presentation and left with many action steps we could all implement immediately. In my subsequent dealings with Christa, I have found her to be prompt, professional, extremely knowledgeable about all facets of her profession and a very valuable contact for many small business issues and organizational strategic improvements to add quality to your professional or personal life.”

– Dana C.

Christa was a joy to work with. She helped me with a difficult move, and was personable, punctual and very good at helping me organize an entire kitchen in no time! Her ideas were terrific,and she brought organizational items for my drawers and cupboards with her for the project, making the task at hand so much easier!”

- Caroline V.

“Christa & Kristina you are angels! I have hesitated to have someone help me with my struggle to find things. Would they judge me because i can’t find my keys? After doing some searching, I called Christa. Peace Together Spaces is not a cookie-cutter business. They listened to my problems, came up with a plan according to my disability and today it is working!!! My home is starting to function in a way that I understand. It is Flowing! My Life now has less deficit with my attention problem…. and I can find my keys, the mail…Thanks Ladies!!!!”

– Jodie R.

Christa brings tact and consideration along with her supurb ability to organize anything. She had my office in tip top shape and personal organization was incredible. I highly recommend Christa to anyone who needs to have things in there place correctly.”

- Jackie M.