Christa Johanson, President, Professional Organizer, Stager, Interior Decorator

ChristaEdited-WebFor Christa, organization has always come naturally. She has come to realize that much like singing or dancing, her skill is a unique gift that will bless others. Once Christa discovered this gift she chose to turn her new passion into a career. She appreciates the feeling that organizing a space and seeing the finished result brings to her clients. The tears of joy that follow once her clients see their transformed space for the first time is indescribable. This was a true testimony to Christa that she was to share the gift of organization with the world. As the founder of Peace Together Spaces, her vision is to provide the best organizing, staging and redesign services in Colorado. Christa has a passion for teaching others the skill of organizing. Whether you are a client or a new organizer, Christa can teach you. She has written training manuals for her own company as well as for other companies. Christa is also a mother of three and enjoys working with children to teach them the skill of being organized while they are young. Christa specializes in residential organizing, move & relocation, home offices, ADD/ADHD, chronic disorganization, and loves to teach workshops in her community. Christa is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, a Golden Circle Member, a subscriber with the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, is Clear & SIMPLE™ certified and after her move to Colorado, joined the local NAPO chapter, where she has served on the local Board of Directors. Christa is currently training with the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. Here she is learning new ways to better serve her clients facing chronic disorganization issues. Christa knows that expanding her education will help Peace Together Spaces succeed. Christa has earned the following Level 1 Certificates of Study with the ICD: 1.) Chronic Disorganization 2.) Basic Hoarding Issues with the CD Client 3.) CD Client Administration 4.) Basic ADD Issues with the CD Client 5.) Basic Mental Health Issues Christa’s next step is to receive her formal training in staging. This training will be complete on August 9. 2013.

Erin Grotegut, Professional Organizer, Craft Goddess

ErinEdited-WebWhen Erin was a kid she told her mom she had all these “boxes” in her head. Everything had a place… And still today she loves boxes and containers. She LOVES to create homes for everything. Erin loves organizing because it gives her a sense of peace. When all the little treasures in her home have a place to return to or live in she feels a sense of peace and calm. Erin has learned recently that she loves to help others achieve this same feeling of peace and calm by helping them get their spaces organized and functional, while also being pretty and inspiring. Erin has worked in a variety of office jobs since she was 13 years old. Her father was in the military and when they lived in Germany they had a “summer hire” program that teens could do. Erin’s first job was filing 7 years of military files that were just piled and stacked in a huge conference room. It took her ALL summer long to sort and properly file the paperwork, but she felt a HUGE sense of accomplishment and pride in cleaning up that office space and getting it functional. Erin thinks this started her “clean freak” phase of life. She has worked in a variety of office positions, from office clerk for the military in Berlin (where she sorted and organized excess military equipment) to academic college advisor (where she helped students get a “grip” on their studies and organize themselves to be more productive and successful students) to her last full-time job as an office manager & bookkeeper. Erin has been crafting for many years and has been on several design teams for various craft companies. Craft spaces are one of Erin’s favorite spaces to organize. Erin and her husband created a business to help crafters organize their stamp pads and markers. Organized crafters are inspired and productive crafters! Erin is a detail oriented, forward thinking person. She thoroughly enjoys helping others create happy, functional and organized spaces!

Brynn Turnbaugh, Professional Organizer, Kid Whisperer


Brynn Turnbaugh is a busy mother of 4 children ages 2 to 8. She understands how overwhelming it can be to stay organized, and specializes in kid spaces. She understands that being a Mom is hard, and in no time flat a house can get out of control. She loves to help mother’s claim their sanity back through some organizational helps and tips. And also can show parents ways to help teach their children of all ages how to help keep the home a place of peace. She specializes in finding low cost, effective solutions to every day organizational problems. Brynn learned a love for organization by growing up in a very structured and organized house. Every weekend a small set of time was allotted for cleaning out and organizing one space of the house. When Brynn got married her husband quickly learned he couldn’t hang on to all his “stuff” anymore, because it was going to be donated if it didn’t serve a purpose! Brynn believes the hardest part of getting organized is starting. But once she gets started there is no stopping her until she has achieved a peaceful, useful, and beautiful space. Brynn has an eye for color and design, and can understand someone’s style in a short amount of time. When your home is in order, your family and life will be so much more content and Brynn wants to help get you there!

Angela Fradin, VP, Professional Organizer, Stager, Interior Decorator

Angela Halliday, Professional Organizer