Organizing Tips from our Giveaway Entrants!

Cluttered Office

Start creating good organizing habits to avoid your office looking like this!

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone who entered our Shredder giveaway!  We appreciate all the entries and the support!  As the mandatory entry we asked everyone what their best organizing tip was to avoid this:

Here are some of the great answers we received!

Keeping lists… check each task off as i complete it. – Lindsey C.

My label maker! It helps me keep everything organized! – Tricia M.

Hanging wall organizer and each items has its own place and easy to see and not forget  - Christine D.

A carefully crafted and diligently maintained to-do list! – Dana C.

Take 10 minutes each day to pick up and put away items that do not belong in one room of one home. – Ariel F.

Always have a place for everything! Baskets, files, drawers….use anything that works for you! – Tiffiny P.

Always take things one step at a time.  If you look at the whole picture it can be very overwhelming, but if you break it into smaller tasks things suddenly seem much easier. – Heather W.

Try to go through all your mail/paper pile once or twice a week so it doesn’t keep piling up!! :)Karen D.

Stay on top of it. Don’t let things get piled up because it becomes too overwhelming.  If something isn’t working, fix it so its easier to stay caught up. - Brianne R.

Open and sort mail as soon as it comes in the door. Discard any papers not important to save. Envelopes, catalogs, etc. - Hayley F.

It would be to go through one room at a time and get rid of by selling donating etc anything not being used or that you didn’t even remember you had and the keep the clutter out of your house! - Katy V.

Thank you ladies for all of your wonderful organizing tips!!  We will be using them on our social media sites in  the coming weeks!!

And the winner of the Shredder is Katy V.!!


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