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Our Peacemakers can do it all for you and/or work along side you as we restore your home to peace, one treasure at a time. Home organizing is priced per hour per Peacemaker. We can also create a custom package for your specific needs.

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A La Carte Organizing:

Maintenance - 

Maintaining your space once it has been transformed into a peaceful one takes practice – and maintenance. At Peace Together Spaces we understand that you may not always have the time to keep the clutter away. We can help! We will return to your home to provide maintenance to any space in your home or office that we have already restored to order, providing you consistent guidance, and where necessary, add tweaks to your current plan.

Virtual Organizing –

Do you want to get organized, but without the trip charge? Try our virtual organizing service. We will jump online with you so you will still see and hear us, just like if we were there. We can see your space thanks to services such as Skype, Facetime or Google Hangouts.

Furniture Assembly –

Feeling frustrated with that “easy” assembly instruction pamphlet? Let us put the furniture/toy together for you! If it can be assembled outside of your home (at our office) and transported to your home we can do this for you. By assembling some pieces at our office we will have more time in your home to get the bigger jobs done and save you money.

Personal Shopping  -

Let us run your shopping errands! Our clients ask us to shop for them because we can shop faster and we are not distracted by all of the cute containers out there! We know what you need and only shop for items you pre-approve within your budget.

Miscellaneous Small Tasks-

Do you need help sorting mail or organizing your receipts? We can take these items back to our office and take care of them for you.


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Please Note:
* Rates are for 1 Peacemaker, however our team is available for all jobs
* Rates do not include products/supplies needed to complete job