Give All Items a Home

Give all items a home

Creating a home for everything the first time gets us on track to teach ourselves new organizing habits.

A common mistake made during organizing projects is that we often stop the project before everything has a home. Items are allowed to just “hang out” on whichever surface we left them. The problem is eventually they are no longer alone to hang out. “Friends” will show up and your clutter is back.

This is why number 2 on our Top 10 Tips for your space is to give ALL items a home. Creating a home for everything the first time gets us on track to teach ourselves new habits necessary to maintain our newly organized space. If everything has a home, everyone knows where everything goes. The process of giving all items a home makes everyone using the space accountable for putting the items away. No more excuses! During the process of giving your items a home consider the following:


1. What are the items that are most frequently used in the space?
If you use your toaster everyday do not put it in the cabinet above the stove where it is difficult to reach.

2. What items can be put in harder to access areas due to less frequent use?
If the roaster only comes out on Thanksgiving do not put it in away in an area you will see it every day , especially if you have other items you would like to have easily accessible.

3. How old are the individuals using the space?
The age of everyone using the space is important. If you want your young son or daughter to get to his or her own water bottles, do not put them in a high cabinet. If you have elderly individuals using the space do not put items away in hard to open drawers  or put cans on high shelves. Cans put on high shelves may be a safety hazard in some situations.

We hope you have a peaceful organizing experience this week! Just remember to put it ALL in home of its very own!

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