Craft Areas

Do you have a craft or desk area that is need of organization?  We can help! Check out our before and after craft area organization photos:

Craft Room 1 – Before

craft_room1_before05       craft_room1_before04       craft_room1_before03       craft_room1_before02       craft_room1_before01


Craft Room 1 – After

craft_room1_after02       craft_room1_after03       craft_room1_after04       craft_room1_after05       craft_room1_after06

Craft Room 2 – Before

craft_room2_before02       craft_room2_before01


Craft Room 2 – After

craft_room2_after01       craft_room2_after02

Craft Room 3 – Before

craft_room3_before01       craft_room3_before02

Craft Room 3 – After

craft_room3_after02       craft_room3_after03