We can put the Peaces together

About Peace Together Spaces

Peace Together Spaces is a professional organizing, staging & redesign company. Our consultants will work alongside individuals and families to help them create a balanced lifestyle and the home or office of their dreams. Peaceful, simplified, and beautiful.

Our Past

Peace Together Spaces has been serving clients since 2004. Our President, Christa Johanson, began her company as Step into Tranquility. Step into Tranquility spoke to Christa’s desire to give her clients beauty and peace in their space.

Today that desire has increased and has transformed our company. Not only does Christa wish to see her clients have peace in their space, but she has realized that what you do with the space is only part of the solution.

Our Present

The idea of a puzzle and putting the peaces together comes from a symbolic as well as a literal place.

First, the literal puzzle includes organizing, staging and redesign. The puzzle pieces represent a visual reminder that there is more to your space than meets the eye! Creating your peaceful home is about your stuff, your time, your priorities, your loved ones, your goals, your mind and everything else in between!

  • Organizing, even just one room, will change your entire space.
  • Staging helps you let go of the past to create a new future in a new space.
  • Redesign will give your home a quick, cost effective facelift.

Second, there are different peaces to your home or office puzzle:

Peace 1:

We educate. We want to find out who you are and what your vision is for your space. When we do this we educate ourselves, but more importantly, we educate you. We want to help you discover why you have clutter or why you are unhappy with your current space plan and/or space and learn from it.

Peace 2:

We restore O.R.D.E.R.™ We organize, stage and redesign most spaces using our simple system. We customize our system to the needs of our clients because even though we have an amazing system, at Peace Together Spaces we know that one system does not work for everyone.

Peace 3:

We maintain. The ability to maintain your space is important to us. We want you to choose how that maintenance works. We can maintain your space for you or we can teach you to do it yourselves. You get to decide.

And finally, is the symbolic puzzle peace of Autism Awareness. In Christa’s life she has wonderful sisters and friends raising children diagnosed with Autism. Christa’s decision to continue organizing was based on these women and their desire to keep everyone out of their home. To Christa this was unacceptable. Every woman, man and child deserves to love their home and feel good in it. Christa’s ultimate goal is to give all people peace in their homes so they are not afraid to welcome people into them.

The puzzle pieces that make up the logo for Peace Together Spaces represent organizing while reminding people of the puzzling developmental brain disorder, Autism.

And thus Peace Together Spaces was born!

Our Future

The Peacemakers at Peace Together Spaces are constantly increasing their knowledge base through education to give you the latest and greatest in systems, products and new services.

Peace Together Spaces is training with the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, formerly the NSGCD. This training is vital to Peace Together Spaces because the knowledge and training received allows us to provide better service to our clients suffering from issues, such as, chronic disorganization.


Peace Together Spaces provides peaceful, simplified, and beautiful spaces.


  • Passion; we do not just create beautiful and functional spaces; we live and share our passion for it.
  • Encouragement; we will work with you side-by-side and encourage you throughout the process.
  • Acceptance; we are accepting and non-judgmental of our clients.
  • Charity; is the pure love we have for people and this charity gives us a deep desire to serve our clients.
  • Expertise; we continue to further our education to maintain our knowledge of our industries.