Clutter, Stress & Depression

Did you know a cycle exists with clutter and depression? We tend to walk into a space and be overwhelmed by all the stuff we see, so we walk back out, then we get down on ourselves for allowing our space to get “this bad.” Then the clutter increases in the space because we are too frustrated with ourselves to deal with it. We get even more upset looking at our stuff and there the clutter sits, slowly growing, until one day you can no longer tackle it yourself.

Clutter depresses us for many reasons. As discussed in the cycle above, it may represent failure in our minds. We feel that we have failed in our home.

Clutter, Stress and Depression

Clutter can depress us for many reasons.

Clutter also represents people, places, memories both good and bad, and successes. Sometimes we are hard on ourselves when dealing with our stuff because in our minds letting it go means letting go of the meaning attached to it. Our achievements, memories, knowledge, and relationships will stay with us forever. Stuff however, is just stuff. It breaks, it gets damaged, gets lost and so on.

Our clutter has a huge impact on our mind and how we see ourselves. You can clear the clutter and learn skills to maintain your space. You can overcome the cycle. Tell your loved ones what your goal is this week in your space. Allow them to lovingly keep you accountable and on task by giving you encouragement. Start in the area that is causing you the most frustration and tackle one pile at a time. Write a mantra and post it somewhere you will see it every day that reminds you that you are worth more than your stuff.

And remember the wise words of Cindy Glovinsky next time you feel yourself getting sucked into the stuff depression cycle, “Chaos is inevitable: sooner or later someone or something will mess up the drawer that you organized so beautifully, but that’s how things are supposed to be. What can save you from despair is enjoying the PROCESS.”

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